It’s Sunday, just another day in sunny southern California. I started my day as early as 5:48AM, yes no kidding I was up before the sky turned white. Strange as it may sound to many of you, I’ve been doing this for quite some time. Not that I enjoy it very much, I simply cannot sleep or precisely speaking, I cannot get quality sleep. Either I am up in the middle of the night, or I wake up early or I have nightmares.

I’ve long been suspecting myself of having some sort of intuition power. Oh well, sometimes I see things in my dream and they happen in real life later, not exactly in the same way but they do have strong resemblance. A few weeks ago, I was supposed to meet with a professor whom I’ve been looking forward to meet in person. Excitement and anxiety filled my days as the meeting day drew closer and closer, not to mention I was stressed out like a spring. I had this dream the night before our meeting that I was late because I forgot about it. In the end I had to catch him at the café. The next day I was 15 minutes early and I waited at his office patiently. The clock ticked and ticked for it seemed like a hundred years. Fifteen minutes passed by, 30 minutes, 45 minutes… the clock won’t stop. At last I stood up and went to talk to somebody in the room across to his office. The lady told me to go to his laboratory, that’s where he usually goes. Gee, I’ve been waiting all this time for nothing and now I am really late! People in his office told me he just went to grab a coffee at the café. And there you go I had to run to see him at the café. He told me he forgot about our meeting! Last night and the night before, somebody was trying to kill me in my dream. I have no clue who it was but I promise I’ll behave as well as I can be!

Toping up on my sleeplessness, C sent me a depressing email which dampened my sunny Sunday. His friend committed suicide two days ago. They talked to each other last week. She even offered hospitality during his trip over there. They were supposed to meet this coming week. My stomach ached so badly, it did. It’s a loss to everyone, to her family and to her fans. I have never met her but I’ve heard of her from C. News like that always sadden people yet I have no idea how on earth could I get so emotional about it that I sat in my bed and read her blog page by page. I could not help crying. I’ve tasted the pain of losing a friend when I was a teenager. She jumped off a skyscraper without giving us any hints. She acted so normal and positive that no one would ever think of anything bad to happen to her. As a close friend of hers, I could not help blaming myself for not being able to help her out during the hard time. The thing is I never knew that she was unhappy or anything. I’d have had done something if I could.

I went shopping, my favorite anti-depressing activity. It used to be a fun thing to but it’s getting sour and sometimes depressing. Once again I could not find anything interesting at my favorite store! I ended up going to the library to borrow some books. They always cheer me up. I also stopped by at McDonald’s for a Happy Meal. Hey, it did help to lighten up my day. I even got a nice toy in the package! Good deal. And you know what? I’ll give it to my little boyfriend Calvin. He’d love it. I might earn a big hug and even a kiss.

Happiness is truly around 🙂