Just got back from Lyon yesterday. The weekend was a blast. The whole trip has been nice I must say, regardless some exceptional experiences at the begining. We hit the worst turbulence we have had ever on the way to London from LA, and I got selected for special search at the security check in LA airport. Yeah, the kind that a security person comes to search you all over inch by inch like you see in movies. Cez joked that I must look like a terrorist. Oh well, I am the chosen one. He who is not won’t understand but jealous. It’s not easy to be special 😛

Okay yeah why did we go to Lyon? To see the little nephew Celian! He just turned 5 months old. He is such an adorable boy with big blue eyes that sparkle and smile when he looks at you. He has the magic power to draw your attention and to melt your tiredness and worries. He is certainly the new king in the family. Everybody goes to his room when it’s time for a nap. He has a pretty laid-back life style, his job is to play, to eat, and to smile. He does not cry or complain at lot. He even does not wake up in the middle of the night; he sleeps from 7:30pm through 6:30am. An exceptionally nice baby.




It takes a lot of faith and courage to mother a child. Emilie is brave at the same time she is lucky to have such a behaving baby and a very helpful boyfriend. A baby is not only the whole world it also changes the world. I see how much dedication Emilie and Gilles put into their blooming family. Being a brand new mother and a professional woman, Emilie is definitely managing it well. She is awesome.

Women are born to be multitasking, it may be true. Cez’s mother is a mother of three, a wife, a daughter, a professor, and an active environmentalist for years. I can’t see how she manage it all. But she made it with her invisible magic wand. My mother is never a career type of person as she dedicated all her time in our family, taking care of me and my siblings, and my grandparents. Her biggest happiness is to see all three of us becoming grown ups and fledge. Women are no doubt wonderful creature God created to spice up the world in the sense that they bring stability, harmony and happiness to it. They are beautiful, stylish and versatile, among of which the gift of motherhood is probably the best they have.

By now you might question if my motherhood is kicking in that I don’t know folks. Right now my jetlag is certainly kicking in and I have to go out for a walk before it gets too late. Later…

Have a good one everyone!