Paris, the City of Light. It’s funny that I have not seen Paris in the night during this trip. I am home bounded once the light is gone. I am also not using the internet much, for one reason I don’t travel with a laptop and for another reason it’s no use to be online as much as I always do. There are more than enough things to explore in this city or even in this particular appartment I am staying in.

There are so many books to read. Cez’s parents have a big variety of book collection. I can dive in and never get out.

Galeries Lafayette


I did go out during the day though. Went to Galeries Lafayette for the very first time in my life. Yeah, I’ve been to this city for so many times and yet I’ve never visited the world famous department store. You are welcomed by rows and rows of beauty care booths. On one side high fashion jeweleries and watches are sparkling, on the other side classic french chocolate and snacks are calling. I walked around the first floor couple times and still could not find an escalator to go upstairs. I am lost in all these glitters. Only I remember 20 minutes later, I found myself walking in the quiet street in the neighborhood. I did not even bother to visit Au Printemps down the street.

Sacha came back from China. I proposed to pick him up at the airport seeing that I actually have nothing else to do. Plus I really would like to see him soon. Cez came along with me thinking that he would be a big help, being a “local”. Oh well, we were lost and we missed Sacha’s flight. By the time we got home, Sacha was waiting for us at the dinning room. Paris is a city of sophistication. They just love to make things complicated, especially for a dumb husband and a dumber wife. What a double disater! Okay I am bitching. All I want to say is this city is so big and bears so many things to explore. I admit I don’t know it well not as much as I thought in the least sense.