It’s not the glitters, the museums, the bistros, or the streets that make a city attractive, it’s the people who make it special. Paris, it brights over all the other places I’ve visited for the people I know and meet residing in this city. Each time I come I feel like I am home again. Home sweet home, a place where the heart is. In my understanding home is where people whom I love and people who love me live and so literally and technically I have more than one home.

On the terrace of Doris’s appartment



Met Yan finally. It’s been three years since we met on the internet. Yeah that sort of virtual friends sometimes you doubt if it’s a real person you are talking to. Yan has proved it with her blog which reveals her personality and intelligence truly and fully. I generally don’t keep in close touch with people I don’t meet in daily life. To be honest I am not good at keeping relationships alive. Yan looks exactly the same as she appears on the computer screen, sweet, smart and sage. It’s such a great thing to meet her.

 Me and Yan


Doris made us scrumptious desserts: a cheesecake, a chocolate cake and an apple pie with apples picked from the trees in the garden of her country house in Normandie. A German origin, she made traditional Christmas cookies of shapes of Christmas ornaments like trees, bells and stars. They tasted so good even not a cookie monster, I washed down a dozen with herbal tea followed with a piece of cheesecake and two pieces of apple pie. Wherelse can you get such good treat? Only at Doris’. Cez always applauses how good a chef she is and I never doubted her. The first time I met Doris, she cooked us a huge dinner which is probably the best homemade food I’ve ever tasted. To this day, I still remember the food and the panoramic scene of Paris over looking from her terrace.

Should Cez had a twin brother it must be Adrian, the American born but French rooted man. They’ve been knowing each other since their early childhood. Their friendship is heading to its third decade. Adrain’s son will be one year old next week. Another little blond boy with big blue eyes. He is just adorable. Perhaps he has not seen many Asian faces, he looked at me and examined my face with his little fingers curiously, laughing and jumping up and down on my laps. The bistro we went to was nice. For some reason, food here tastes really like food. It’s weird but for years I have not tasted chicken the way I used to taste at home, Hong Kong where I grow up.

Is it just a matter of grasses are greener thing? Paris is certainly on the other side of the fence and grasses here are green all that because of the family and friends we have. Without them my rhapsody of Paris would not sound as mellow and beautiful as it is.