Merry Christmas!

Yeah, it’s Christmas!

You better watch out better not cry ‘coz I am telling you why…. Whether have you got the gifts from Santa or not, you got my blessings. Much love to you all and may your new year be happy and merry.

As I packed the last item into the suitcase my vacation drew near to the end. These couple days have been so busy like the finale of any movie. Met more friends and families, ran a few errands, caught some last minute shopping, saw a musical (Candide, will write an entry later), and of course Christmas feasts. I am stuffed by the food and the gifts 🙂

Saying goodbye is never easy and I hate doing so (but I just keep doing it). I guess nobody loves it. I just hope that the notes of bye-and-hi won’t be far apart. I appreciate everything Cez’s parents have done for us. Sometimes I do wish there will be no more goodbyes. But then, perhaps it’s the goodbyes make the times we spend toghther more cherishable. Flip a coin and love the side you get for this is what you have, for the moment, at least.