Heard of this news a few days ago. Honestly, I am more than excited to learn that Californians are eyeing on the French fast train, TGV. It’s definitly a great choice. Traffic jam has long become part of our daily life, not to mention severe accidents happen during rush hours. Taking into consideration of rocket rising gas prices and global warming issues, isn’t public transportation the best choice for us? I just don’t understand why some people would against the idea. Yes, we have highways and frequent flights going between northen and southern state. Think about the hassle of going to the airport, having somebody to give a ride or to pick up, waiting in the line for security checks, and the delays, would you be excited about your trip? Or simply think about getting stucked on the road in a hot summer day when it is over 100F! I bet that’s no fun at all. I love the freedom of driving, but probably not when I am rushing to go on a business trip or heading to a leisure vacaton. Rather than investing money on improving public transportation and wealth fare, we drain billions of dollars on the war. Weird.