I look exceptionally hideous.

This is the first day of my maternity leave, August 1. The day I have been waiting for all this time. I thought I’d enjoy it to the fullest. I planed to indulge myself in all these sweet pampers I have been thinking about but got no time to do. Here I am today, the time has finally come.

Woke up pretty early in the morning, some time like 7:30am. Ate a simple breakfast and went back to sleep again. Got up at 9:30am with Scissors. From then on we cuddled in the bed for 30 mins, some precious and quality time. I got a hair salon appointment at 11:00 am. My friend tried this Chinese girl and she seemed to have done a pretty good job on her hair. I wanted to have my hair cut shorter and trimmed some layers. Okay, I should not have told the girl that I want some MORE layers. I regret deeply and I would pay to take it back. Guess what? I did pay, and I paid high!

There you go, she cut it short and she did so many layers that every single hair of mine has different length with the others! OMG.. she was talking to me (Mandarin), patiently and enthusiastically explaining to me what to do after the baby’s born. How to take care of my body in order to look as good as a girl. She explained how breastfeeding ruins your boobs’ shape, and how to lose the tummy fat. She seemed enjoying tipping me off so much and the most horrible thing is, she seemed to enjoy cutting my hair more than anything else. I told her it might be too much but she said.. a little more, you have so much hair.


There, I walked out of the door leaving two thirds of my hair behind.

I called Scissors right a way to tell him not to say a single word when he sees me tonight, unless he’s stubbornly stupid.

Julie called in the afternoon. She wanted me to check the decorations idea she had for 5mm’s room. She is so nice to offer to decorate the baby room. I told her about the haircut thing and I told her I need a wig.

My plan of looking good to meet 5mm backfired…

I totally blew it off…

I truly have a bad hair day. Even worse it will be everyday in the coming six months.

This is me when I had my normal hair….oh gosh…