This might be the last entry I can do in a while. By the time this entry is published, we should be holding an adorable little one in arms, touching those little feet, holding those little hands and kissing those lovely cheeks (doctor has been telling us baby has chubby cheeks, we will see).

The feeling of knowing a baby is coming soon is a mix of everything. Today (Aug 15), friends started calling and messaging to wish me luck. Out of the blue, I have this feeling that I am embarking to a journey, one that I’ve never ever experienced before but I know it’s gonna happen soon. What’s more, I am coming home with not just wonderful pictures and gifts instead, I am coming home with a little one, a person!

I never had such mixed feeling of excitement and anxiousness. Not even on the night before our wedding. Some girls might find it the most exciting night in life and some may even have trouble falling asleep. Some might party all night long to celebrate their last minute of a single life. I was not like that at all. My mind was blank. Yes, I was going to get married and be someone’s wife the next day but it did not occur to me a big change to life. I did not see a dramatic change in my life. But this time, I feel like I am going on a date to see someone special. I am timid yet impatient to meet with my date. Life will be so different, as I am told, as I perceived, and so as I am prepared for.

So here we go, heading to a new era of our lives.


This entry was prepared on Aug 15. Thought I would set the auto post before heading to the hospital. Never mind. Things are okay. On Aug 16, 2007, we welcomed our precious son Nathan Oliver. He weighs 7lbs 8oz and is 20.25inches long. We were discharged from the hospital on Monday and now the three of us are busy having some bonding times. Oh yeah, this may be one last post I can do in a long time. Thanks everyone. Best wishes to you all.