Tired.. tired tired. … however though, I really would like to write something. There are movies and TV shows I would like to talk about; there are moments with Nate I would like to share with; there are loads of paperworks and doctor visitings I would like to get rid of … blah blah blah.. this damn list can go on forever.

Tired, tired, tired.. so tired that I can’t even think.

Oh well, where to start?

Nate is doing well. He turned one month old last Sunday. He’s now 9lb 8oz. Gained 2 pounds since he’ s born (actually it should be more than that since he lost quite a lot of weight during the first week.) Everythings fine at his one month check up. Doctor said his weight, his height, and his head size are just under the 50%, an average infant. Of course, to us, he’s not average, at least not his intelligence. He can lift up his head while sleeping on his belly (he did it the second day after he’s born! I was nursing him and he got frustrated, pushed his hands on my shoulders and lifted his head, put his crying face right in front of me!). He smiles a lot, not yet responding to our smiles though. He’s sensitive to noise. Sometimes I’d call his name while he’s eating. He stops to listen, then goes back to eat again. This kid has a very strong character (wonder where he gets that? oops..). He cries to the top of his lungs and would push away his favorite pacifier when he’s really upset. Usually it’s because he’s hungry, the biggest problem and concern he has. His gas problem is getting better and the spitting problem does not seem to bother him much. The only problem he gives me now is the laundry. Gee.. I am sick of doing laundries everyday!

Oh did I mention he loves bathing? Just like mommy! He also enjoys strolling around in the neighborhood with mommy in the mornings and with grandpa in the evenings. He does not mind the neighbors’ silly dogs, their barkings never bother him at all. He’s been to Starbucks, Whole Foods Market, Vroman’s, the bank, and the restaurant. Of course, he’s been to be beach twice already! He loves being out.

So as he grows bigger and we get to know each other better, the parents finally have a chance to spend time together. Last weekend we got to watch DVDs while he’s sleeping. The Rome Season 2 DVD has been out for a while but I could only watch it now. It’s so goooood although a bit dark. Love the cast, the story and the scenes. I wish to talk about it more but I really have no time. (This post takes me days to write. Been really busy lately).

On Saturday, we throw a farewell party for my friend who’s going back to Taiwan for good. She got a formal job back home. I am so happy for her but sad to say goodbye. How funny it is. It rains whenever I host an event. Party started at12:30pm but people did not show up until almost 1pm because of the rain. I was a bit worried about the food, how were we going to finish that much if people could not make it to the party? Of course, they all came. We had big fun. Nate was a good boy. He sleeps most of the time under my mom’s good care.

Gotta go back to school tomorrow for some paperworks. It’s the orientation week. I hate such bureaucratic stuff. Such dreadful thing.

Tired, really tired. Need more rest.

Good day to you all, Dears.