People kept telling me that it would be easier once he turned 6 months old when I complained to them about his spitting up problem and the mid-night feeding hassle. Yeah, then now he’s 7 months and 11 days, colic stays and so does his crave for feeding at night. For a while, he was able to sleep 8hr or 9hr in a roll, from 7:30pm-3:30/4:00am. What a blessing! We thought, yeah, now it might be the time to train him to sleep through the night.  I looked up in the book and we went with the most traditional method, the cold turkey approach. Uhoh… wrong move. He cried to the top of his lungs, so loud that we were afraid that he would wake up the whole city. Scissors was pacing up and down the stairs, saying that it’s hard to hear him cry like this. I was like, wait wait, the book said we should not pick him up right a way. Two more minutes, just two more min I’ll pick him up. But no, I could not wait and I had to pick him up before our neighbor dialed 911. He would not stop crying until I fed him. The next evening, we tried again (the Sleep Lady kept telling us that persistency is so important and we have to follow the rules… blah blah blah) and of course, he cried even louder and worse than the night before. The third night, we decided to drop the plan. It’s hard not to comfort a crying baby especially when you know what exactly he wants. Yes, being able to sleep through the night is nice. But having him thriving happily is even nicer and wiser to me. And yes, waking up in the middle of the night is awful but I kind of got to used by now. I don’t care about what the Sleep Lady says or what other moms say. Every baby is different and mine is certainly special. Ever since then, he wakes up twice at night and he would not fall asleep on his own like he did before (don’t even think about letting him to fall asleep in his crib). He wants to be fed and he wants to be held. He wants to sleep on my chest. Imagine having a 20 pounder lying on your chest for hours and hours every night? I guarantee you, it’s NOT fun, not at all. He is teething. It could be a good reason, top on colic, for his crankiness and fussiness . But he really needs more sleep because he yawns when he wakes him in the morning.

What can I do to get him more sleep?  

Or should I just follow his rules?
Feed me. Hold me. Play with me.

 **************** Side Notes *****************


Took my car for regular service at the dealer today. They used to have this 29 min guarantee thing but now it is 2 hr!!! I hate waiting at the lounge, it’s so boring (of course I could have made an appointment, drop the car off and have them to pick me up later). My friend called and I told her my whereabout, she said, “I love being at the dealer, you get to have free popcorn and sold and coffee and TV!” I am like… “Girl, you are the funniest weirdo I’ve ever seen.”

I finally got my HK Passport! Hurrah… So what now? I can travel! A friend of mine has good connection in the travel business (yeah it’s all about networks). She throws me a number and reminds me to mention that “I was the girl who once slept with her.” ???!!!! Is it necessary? I mean to reveal our “close relationship” in order to get a good deal?