At work, we have meetings on Mondays. Usually it is taken during lunch hour, like say noon-1pm, which implies that FOOD and DRINKS are served, hosted by one of our fellows (we take turns). People get to eat and to listen to presentations, as well as to comment on the content with a mouth full of food. Sounds so much fun (didn’t mom say no talking when you are eating?). Having reared in HK, a place where silence is considered gold and giving respect to speakers by not making noise is such a big deal, I was surprised to witness audiences interrupting speakers, throwing a bunch a questions in the middle of the talk when I first arrived here. Now of course, I am used to it and I am one of those active participants.  

Today is my turn to do the mighty thingy, hosting lab meeting. I have a whole list of stuff to bring, get bagels at Noah’s, not anywhere else! get fruits, juice, and meat at Trader Joe’s, or Whole Foods, it has to come from a cool store, you know. So usually 2 bagel boxes, which come with 4 choices of cream cheese spread. Top on it, I will get half dozen of bagel. That makes it up to 30 pieces of bagel, should be enough to feed the entire village if not the entire country. I shall get loads of food and green stuff because they are healthy. I shall get drinks too! I usually don’t buy soda, coke per se, at the supermarket. I went in TJ’s, walked around three times and still could not find a single bottle of coca cola. Just right before I was going to give up and leave, there came a staff looking all bubbly and happy, walking around with a drink in hand. 
Staff: “Hello, how may I help you today?”
Me:”Hi, do you guys have sodas?”
Staff (pointing to an aisle of drinks): “Yes, our sodas are all here. ”  
Me (looking all puzzled):”……………???”
Staff:”Oh, what kind of soda are you looking for?”
Me :”The real soda, coca cola.”
Staff (shaking his head):”No, we don’t have that.”
To me, soda = coca cola/sprite. Am I old fashion or unhealthy or what? But who cares? I love them.