As much I love to write and read, I don’t enjoy writing and reading serious stuff, a thesis proposal per se. I have been “working from home” since yesterday morning, roughly some what 24h ago. Here’s my progress: 

What have I done in the past 24h?
In support of Earth Day yesterday. I kept my computer shut and went out for a walk in the park. Besides, I drove 5 miles to get a costumed scrumptious salad at Souplantation, stopped at Jumba Juice for a drink, which means more driving. Since I was already out, why not stop at the mall and do some little shopping? 
There, I spent a good 45 minutes running in and out of stores. End up bringing home a pair of black Nike’s sneakers. Do I need more sneakers? No. But I love them. 
Oh yeah, about the writing! 
So far, the word document page remains BLANK, WHITE and CLEAN, all brand new! 
There’s a reason why God did not make me a writer, not only because I am not talented but also I am just not cut out for such thing. 
I believe I am shaped to wander around, doing nothing but enjoying life (in a second life/virtual life).
I do type, in fact the typing makes me sound productive. I updated my Twitter almost every hour. It has come to the point that I find 150 word space is no enough to let out every thought jumps in and out of my mind every other minute. 
Makes sense, here I am pounding on the keyboard updating my blog with a bunch of ramblings. 
Oh my, 11:30am, time for lunch~~