1. The only moment I am not on diet is when I am eating French fries and drinking Coke.
  2. I am a person who constantly seeks for change. If I were not going to change my husband, something else has to be changed.
  3. I do think my kid deserves a sibling with the same father. But my next husband will certainly do a better job as a caring father than my current husband.
  4. I do not know if I am good looking but I like the way how I look.
  5. I always love you dearly but I just love him more.
  6. I love me and my sweet M&M teams.
  7. Being a chick is never easy so as it is being a human.
  8. I do not know why I step on everyone’s toes wherever I go…..Blame it on me being a cute and petit Asian Elephant!
  9. Another day is gone but tomorrow is another day to forgo.
  10. Life sucks but it can be worse by bitching and doing nothing about it.

– by Madam Hannie