A little late update. Should have posted pictures last night. Don’t have many though. Just a couple. I mean literally I only have a couple good photos to show. It’s in the dark, the kid was running on the street with so little illumination out there. Alright, I have to admit that he was not so into it at the beginning because first, he did not like his green Ninja Tortoise outfit. He complained that it was too hot. It was quite a struggle to put it on him and at the end we had to leave the shell behind and we forgot about his bucket! Great parents!

But hey, he got very excited as soon as we hit the first house and he got his first lollipop. He started to lead the team and pick the next house to visit. One kind old lady wanted to offer him a pound of candies, really she gave him two handfuls! She even went inside her house to find him a supermarket shopping bag when she realized that he did not have a bucket. Great neighbors we have!


He’s such a natural.
Gets excited once the camera is out no matter how tired and cranky he was a second ago!

Gotta show off those lovely cheeks!

He complained that he’s sleepy and did not want to go out.


Hello! Happy Halloween!

He was waiting patiently with his lollipop in hand while the lady went to get him a shopping bag for the goodies.

Leading the team!

Knock..knock..knock! Trick or Treat?