I was surprised by Nathan this morning. We did our small talk in the car while driving to school. He was telling things about him and his best friend Drhuv when he was little (???? how little? it’s not like he’s now 40 years old!!)  (Not sure if that was real incidence) but listen to the story.

He said –
Mama when I was little, Drhuv was mean to me. He said I know nothing.
Me: Oh I am sorry baby. How did that make you feel?
Nathan: It hurts my feelings
Me: Yeah it hurts your feelings and you did not like it right?
Nathan: uh uh.. it’s not nice.
Me: Right. We don’t talk to people like that because it hurts their feelings. So what did you say to him?
Nathan: I told him to stop because I don’t like it.
Me: That’s great! You did the right thing.
He is so funny and adorable!