I’ve been exercising daily, and sometimes it messes up with my diet. I am burning more energy than my body is willing to and capable of supplying, so it’s been screaming for proteins and carbs, loads and loads of carbs. On an odd day, I would go home and eat 1/3 of a jar of peanut butter strict from the bottle. De.li.ci.ous….yeah sounds gross. By the way, peanut butter and apple, yummy.. the best snack ever. Nathan would come home from school and ask for it, thinking it’s his best treat of the day.

I love food, I love to eat. It is in my blood. Come on, haven’t you noticed my last name? Go get a can of pet food if you have no idea what I am talking about.

While trying to maintain a healthy diet, measuring and calculating how much I’ve eaten and what I can eat. I somehow forgot the balance.

One day a friend told me, “Go and fix your eating disorder.”

I took his word and I went home, ate a whole bag of popcorn and a whole pack of strawberry. That certainly felt fulfilling.

I used to love Korean food. I’d have been a die-hard vegetarian if there were no such thing called Korean BBQ short rib, rice and kimchi. But over time, I developed a symptom towards it, the je regrette beaucoup de choses symptom. While my taste buds love the stimulation of spicy food and the favorably marinated meat, my stomach protests it and my body resents it. While I enjoy eating it at the time, I regret what I’ve done a couple hours later in the day, or even the next morning.

I just wish I didn’t do it.

There are many things in life, I wish I had not done it. Things that may sound like a good idea at the moment but in hind sight, they are like a bad meal that I wish I had not harassed my body/mind to take in. Even worse, it takes time to cleanse. In fact, it takes thyme and time.

So, no.. I don’t regret a thing but I regret many things.